Education: Colour

A diamond’s colour has a significant impact on its value & appearance. A diamond is like a prism that divides light into an array of colours. A colourless diamond allows more light to pass through it, emits more sparkle & fire and is hence valued more than a coloured diamond with the exception of fancy coloured diamonds.

Colour is as a result of lingering traces of nitrogen, boron, hydrogen or other elements present in the composition of the diamond. We follow an international grading system that begins with the letter D, representing colourless and continues with increasing presence of colour to the letter Z. These distinctions are very subtle & invisible to the untrained eye.

Fancy coloured diamonds are also available in: black, brown, champagne, cognac, etc. Here, the intensity and hue of colour plays the most important role in deciding the value, not the clarity. If a diamond has intense colour and is rarely found (red stones), it can be more expensive than a colourless diamond.